15 June 2012 @ 04:34 pm
Fanfic Master List  
In chronological order, newest first.
Last updated Nov. 15th, 2012.

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  • How the Dork Ben Wyatt's Life Was Ruined by the Formidable Jen Barkley
    Handwritten fic on 3 postcards, 9 pages of A4 paper, and a wedding card sent to [livejournal.com profile] courtknees1 over the course of a week. Leslie/Ben, Chris/Jen Barkley, Leslie/Jen/Ben. R.

  • People Skills
    Alternate take on Soda Tax for [livejournal.com profile] stillscape's birthday: Ben remembers how to not be an idiot. Chris and Ben friendship with a dash of Jen Barkley and a dash of April. PG. ~1700 words.

  • Starvation
    My answer to the question: "How do we get from the breakup in I'm Leslie Knope to 'I miss you like crazy, I think about you all the time, so let's just say screw it' in Smallest Park?" Leslie POV. Part of the Behind Closed Doors Challenge in [livejournal.com profile] leslie_ben. Leslie/Ben. NC-17. ~10,100 words.

  • Beginning Again
    A sequel to Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, this story is the less despondent step-child to it, the spring to that winter. A story about getting unstuck and moving on. April/Chris. Chris/Jen Barkley. R. ~4900 words.

  • Vertigo
    A character study of Chris as Ben confesses to his relationship with Leslie and then resigns. Covers The Trial of Leslie Knope (briefly) and Citizen Knope (extensively). PG. ~8180 words.

  • Saturday Night and Sunday Morning
    It's January 2014, a Saturday night. April Ludgate-Dwyer gives Chris Traeger a call. April/Chris (+ April/Andy, Chris/Jen Barkley, and the barest hint of Leslie/Ben). Carries a warning for overall unpleasantness. Not April/Andy-friendly either. PG-13. ~3200 words.

  • 5 x 7
    Five defining moments of Leslie's life in seven-year intervals, seen from Marlene's somewhat unreliable POV. For the Defining Moments Challenge in [livejournal.com profile] leslie_ben. Leslie, Marlene, Leslie/Dave, and others. PG. ~3400 words.

  • Jen Barkley's Smile
    My five defining moments of Ben's life for the Defining Moments Challenge in [livejournal.com profile] leslie_ben. Jen Barkley POV with some Chris/Jen thrown in. Spoilers through Win, Lose, or Draw. PG-13. ~3600 words.

  • Waiting
    Post-Bus Tour follow-up to Chris Traeger Naked about waiting for the election. Lighter on nakedness, heavier on wistfulness. PG-13. ~2200 words.

  • Chris Traeger Naked
    Explores Ben's relationship to Chris's penis. Set after The Debate when Jennifer Barkley asked him if it's "normal". (Not slash.) Chris and Ben friendship with a side of Leslie/Ben. PG-13/R. ~5100 words.

  • The Trial by Leslie Knope
    Response to this prompt by[livejournal.com profile] saucydiva: An AU where Leslie has to, for whatever reason, in whatever capacity, conduct an ethics trial. It could be for Chris, or make it really fun and have the accused be Ann or Ben. Basically, I want to see what happens when Leslie has a love of government versus love of friend dilemma. Leslie/Ben. Ann/Other. Ann/Chris. WIP. R.
    Part 1 (~3500 words) | Part 2 (~5300 words) | Part 3 (~10000 words) | Part 4 (~8600 words)

  • When you weren't looking
    Mark Brendanawicz's POV on Leslie/Ben and the campaign. Written during the winter hiatus of season 4, i.e., follows canon through Citizen Knope. Leslie/Ben. PG-13. ~8900 words.